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One of my professional objectives is to apply computer technology with challenged students to help them to learn more effectively.

I teach students with different disabilities, ways to learn, ethnicities, ages, grade levels, cognitive abilities, and behaviors. So I adapt my teaching strategies, lesson plans, materials, and assessments to meet those differences on daily basis. It's a challenge. I enjoy challenges.

My goal is to optimize the use of the computers I have in my classroom to promote learning with my VE class.

- 4 computers that run over Windows 2000. ( I'd like to have xp!)

- Suite Microsoft Office 2000.

- 1 Projector.

- 1Toshiba Laptop.

- 2 Speakers

- 1 Laser point

- 2 USB drive

If you are interested, join me in this project, together we can improve the lives of those challenged individuals and make the difference in their worlds.

Rafael Mendiola

Former Metallurgical Engineer

Rookie Special Education Teacher of the Year, CEC, Miami Chapter





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